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Schooled in Architecture in the BArch Program at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, Noel Fedosh is now practicing architecture in Los Angeles, California. His work focuses on residential projects, specifically high-end single family homes. His love of working in close contact with homeowners has developed a design sensibility more attuned to the domestic scale. This has translated into a desire to pursue projects in both interior and furniture design. Noel has successfully completed projects in set design, interior design, and furniture design.

In January 2008, Noel Fedosh became a certified LEED AP (, taking his collegiate focus on sustainable design practices to an applicable level. Upon completing his studies for the certification, Noel felt the desire to take the principles behind LEED and apply them to the scale of furniture design. The hope is to integrate "green" design principles throughout all aspects of a person's life, without having to fully commit to a LEED rated, sustainable house. Noel sees this as living a hybrid lifestyle; being able to vary ones level of desired sustainable consciousness through the customization of individual "parts". As the home is typically seen as a collective whole, the easiest means for customization and integration lie within the design of furniture. Hence came the philosophy behind the custom-designed eco-furniture offered through N:Wood Design.

In terms of Noel's style, he tends to find himself in the realm of eco-modernism. His design influences being Glenn Murcutt, Samuel Mockbee, and Andy Goldsworthy. From studying their work came Noel's preference for clean lines and the creative use of natural materials. His work experience is all in residential design and has taken him from New York City, to San Diego, to Paris, finally to settle here in Los Angeles. The city of Los Angeles itself is the perfect melting pot for luxury to finds its place in the sustainable design market.

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